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Skin Care
PET SKIN CARE PRODUCTS - Spectrum Laboratories has developed, over the past 15 years, a proprietary line of products specifically designed to help pets with their delicate skin. Usually, a pet's fur protects their skin trhough natural animal processes. Because we as humans like our pets to look and smell good, we, with the best of intentions interrupt that delicate balance through using products to groom and fragrance our pets. This line of products utilizes all natural healing and soothing aids to help keep the pet's skin healthy. They also help with insect bite dermatitis. We are very proud of our line.

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Aloe Magic
This formula contains 5% pure Aloe Vera gel to provide healing in a gentle shampoo base. Cleans & deodorizes pet, & remains gentle to groomer's hands. Highly concentrated (10:1) Makes 11 Gallons. Floral Fragrance
This medicated shampoo uses the oil from the Australian Tea Tree, a proven cure-all used for centuries. Removes infected tissue, leaving healthy tissue behind. Highly concentrated (3:1) makes 4 gallons. Medicinal fragrance.
This hypo-allergenic shampoo with no added salt, color, fragrance, or preservatives, cleans gently without stripping natural oils. Highly concentrated (15:1) Makes 16 Gallons.
An oat skin treatment shampoo with remarkable antioxidant qualities like no other. Helps heal hot spots, restores protein to the coat. Highly concentrated (15:1) makes 16 gallons. Maple fragrance.
Cactus Magic
This shampoo, containing free-rangre Prickly Pear Cactus, provides safe & effective protection from insects, and deep cleans without stripping the natural oils. Helps heal & soothe fleabite dermatitis, hot spots & other skin irritations. Highly concentrated 15:1 makes 16 gallons. Lime Fragrance
This ready-to-use medicated spray is a healing aid for hot spots, cuts, bites, & itchy dermatitis. The active ingredient is Tea Tree oil, with a safe, bitter ingredient added to prevent wound licking or biting. Also effective as a safe natural ear cleaner. Can be used every 3-5 hours, or as needed. Medicinal fragrance.