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Natural concentrate
Free-rinsing multi-use cleaner reduces the surface tension of hot or cold water, penetrating deeper to lift dirt, grime, gum, ink, grass stains, etc. 64:1
Micromol 2000
Enviro-safe cleanser/degreaser cleans & cuts grease without using hazardous solvents or alchohols. Enables higher dilutions, saving money. 64:1
Clear Thru
Window cleaner with wetting & sudsing agents for effective removal of mud, dirt, grease, smoke, etc. Evaporators ensure streak-free cleaning. 64:1
1/4 Cup laundry powder that has it all! Water softners, enzmes, cleaning boosters, optical brightners, anti-re-deposition agent & special builders.
Phosphate-free liquid laundry detergent which has it all. Water softners, enzymes, boosters, optical brightners & anti-redeposition agent.
Commercial strength, color-safe dry bleach releases active oxygen when it comes in contact with water. Whitens whites, brightens colors.
White Wonder
Cleaning booster which mixed with warm or hot water, releases 13% oxygen to clean, sanitize, deodorize & remove most tough stains.
Low sudsing, residue-free commercial carpet cleaner has emulsifiers, boosters, textile optical brightners & denatured alchohol for fast drying.