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Coat Maintenance
COAT MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS - Coat maintenance is what professional grooming shampoos are all about. While someone unfamiliar with the art of pet grooming might believe that all pets are the same and anything that has suds will do, Pet lovers and professionals recognize that pet washing and grooming products are, indeed, specialty products. Quite frankly, pet coat products are much more difficult to formulate than human hair care products. There are a multitude of breads, each with their own coat maintenance needs. Through feedback from pet care professionals, over the years and constant upgrading of our formulations in response to that feedback, we believe Spectrum Laboratories Professional Pet Grooming Products are, far and away, the best in the industry."

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Silk supreme
A luxurious shampoo containing hydrolyzed silk protein with natural lipids to cleanse, condition, and add shine to coats.  Greatly improves manageability of coats, especially damaged and long-haired coats.  Highly concentrated. 15:1
Vita Magic
This shampoo contains the highest grade of Vitamin E available, to restore dry, damaged coats to their full luster and shine. Highly concentrated (10:1) makes 11 gallons. Baby powder fragrance.
This deep cleansing shampoo, made with the best protein available, effectively lifts dirt and grease while maintaining a healthy glowing coat. Highly concentrated (15:1) makes 16 gallons. Cherry-Almond fragrance.
Our show-coat shampoo formula uses an ultraviolet optical brightener to enhance & highlight colored coats & brighten white coats, without dying the skin with bleaches. Highly concentrated (2:1) makes 3 gallons. Unscented
This tried and true blueing shampoo formulation safely deep cleans & brightens white and light colored coats. Contains optical brighteners too! Highly concentrated (5:1) makes 6 gallons. Vanilla coconut fragrance.
Groomers Choice "New Formulation - now Tearless"
This is our everyday all-natural basic shampoo, blended mild, designed to be gentle to the pet and the groomer, while effectively cleaning.  Safe to use on puppies and kittens.  An added fruity coconut fragrance leaves the pet smelling fresh.  Thick concentrate dilutes easily 15:1 or more.
Makes 16 gallons.  Available in Gallons.  Distributor inquiries welcome.
Coat nourishment shampoo made with protein, starch & amino acids which increase the tensity & elasticity of hair, leaving a clean, full-bodied coat. Highly concentrated (7:1) makes 8 gallons. Brown sugar fragrance.
Our original conditioning shampoo which safely & effectively cleanses and conditions in one easy step. Highly concentrated (10:1) makes 11 gallons. Cherry fragrance.
Groom Fresh
This coconut oil based conditioning shampoo produces a rich luxurious lather to deep cleanse without stripping the natural oils, while conditioning the coat at the same time. Highly concentrated (15:1) makes 16 gallons. Fresh clean fragrance.
Our original creme rinse conditioner untangles hair and rehydrates the skin & coat by replacing the light lipid barrier. Highly concentrated (3:1) or (30:1) as a spray-on comb out. Lemon fragrance.
Miraculous Cactus
Our Prickly-Pear Cactus creme rinse conditioner restores damaged coats to a full-bodied shine, and moisturizes & soothes dry, itchy skin. Helps heal wounds, bites, cuts, etc. Highly concentrated (3:1) or (30:1) as a spray-on comb out. Lime fragrance.